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Best Vascular Surgery Hospital in Delhi NCR, India

Vascular surgery is a relatively new field in medical sciences. Vascular Surgeon‘s deal with blood vessels namely

  1. Arteries that supply oxygenated blood to your tissues
  2. Veins that drain used blood from your tissues and turn it back to the heart and finally
  3. Lymphatics which drain the filtered fluid from your tissues finally to the heart through separate channels.

Diseases of the vascular system will involve one of the three channels. The channels maybe blocked, swollen or infected. Depending on which channel is involved your symptoms will vary. Diseases of the vascular system can present with issues in any organ of your body.

Let us start with the arterial system and its narrowing this implies that the organ supplied will not function adequately as blood flow does not reach that particular organ. If that organ happened to be the brain you will have various forms of stroke if it is the heart you will have heart attacks if kidneys then they don’t function well enough if your intestines they can die out on you and your limbs which will get gangrene.

If it is the venous system then the organ being drained will swell up this will mainly happen in your limbs and sometimes intestines, brain and liver. Varicose Veins, deep vein thrombosis, chronic pelvic syndrome in women and Varicocele in men are examples of disease of the Venous system Sometimes there will be communication between an artery and Vessels that are abnormal called arterial venous malformation are a separate entity in themselves best treated by the Vascular Surgeon.

Diseases of the lymphatic system cause swelling of limbs that definitely reduce the life quality of the patient.

In this department of vascular and endovascular surgery of Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, we have a centre of excellence. This means we have ability to take all complicated cases, we have a dedicated team, we are called upon to teach our techniques in India and abroad and our results are quoted in various research publications. We conduct the following clinics regularly

  1. Aortic clinics - Aneurysm, occlusion, dissection and trauma
  2. Stroke clinics
  3. Vascular malformation clinics
  4. Diabetic foot and limb salvage clinics peripheral revascularization and limb salvage
  5. Vascular access clinics - creation and salvage of dialysis access.
  6. Varicose veins and venous ulcers
  7. Tumor embolization’s
  8. Interventions in female pelvis - uterine fibroid embolization and chronic pelvic syndromes.
  9. Lymphatic reconstructions and management of Lymphedema.

Please feel free to contact our center of excellence for any of these issues

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