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I am 78 years old lady overweight with asthma and COPD. When I was diagnosed with severe aortic stenos and wild Mitral stenosis it had become almost impossible for me to walk more than 4-5 steps without getting severely out of breadth. We met Dr. Sameer Shrivastava and Dr. Vijay Kumar at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute who were extremely reassuring explaining the disease in detail. Keeping in mind my other ailments they recommended a replacement for my Aortic Valve through TAVR procedure. I was admitted under the care of Dr. Ashok Seth, after that some preliminary blood tests, angiography and C.T. scan were done. The Doctors and nurses were understanding and accommodating whenever I got anxious and waited patiently for me till I felt comfortable to go ahead. The Doctor's checked with me regularly throughout my stay, and explained the process of the procedure in detail, reassuring any queries I had. 1/2- 2h TAVR procedure, Dr. Ashok Seth , Dr. Vijay Kumar, Dr. Sameer Shrivastava and others, Kept talking to me and enquiring if I was feeling comfortable. The Doctors and nurses in the ICU were absolutely amazing. They took great care of me while in recovery. All the doctors, nurses and staff in the hospital are very good and reassuring and made me feel confident about not only the procedure itself, but pre-procedure and post-procedure recovery as well.

- Savita Khullar

Savita Khullar

Surgery was performed on Tuesday & patient was in a good condition to get discharged from hospital on Friday(3days). Surgery Successful so far. Doctors very experienced & treated well in hospital (Fortis Escorts - SukhdevVihar). Although the procedure is expensive it is a worthy procedure. The patient was the government employee so the treatment needs to be included in CGHS by the government & operations to make more affordable.

- Sarla Pradhan

Sarla Pradhan

Very Good experience with TVAR done by Dr. Ashok Seth & Dr. Vijay Kumar. My advice to other patients who are suffering from severe aortic stenosis should not afraid of the procedure TAVR. TAVR is very easy procedure as compared to OPEN HEART AROTIC VALVE REPLACEMENT.


Dr. Ashok Seth Dr. Vijay Kumar & Hospital Staff

- Girdhari Lal

Girdhari Lal

TVAR is fabulous technique. No pain during the procedure & Recovery from it. The Entire team Dr. Seth & Dr. Vijay Kumar and Ravi and other supporting technicians my entire experience, their contribution and follow up are remarkable.Hospital services and staff are excellent

- Ashok Kumar Jain

Ashok Kumar Jain

Due to my old age and body condition, I was not ready for open surgery and lost the hope, then I came to know about TAVR & Dr. Seth, after going through the detailed reading I proceed for it, believe me it is just like a miracle happen and I am discharged with in 3 days from admission. I heartly thanks to DR. Seth, Dr. Vivudh pratap singh, Dr. Vijay kumar who had performed this procedure last but not the least thanks to the entire team and missing staff who had taken good care of me. Hoping that after procedure this valve suits me and everything will be fine.

- Ranjeet Pratap

Ranjeet Pratap

I was admitted in this hospital on 25th November 2019 with severe aortic valve stenosis which required replacement of AORTIC VALVE. Being a native of Kolkata, I came to know the reputation of fortis Escorts health Institute. Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) was performed by Dr. Ashok Seth & Dr. Vijay Kumar, well-coordinated by Mr. Ravi on 28th November 2019 at cath-lab. I am getting discharged today i.e on 1st December 2019 at afternoon. I am very much happy and appreciate the smooth and successful result of TAVR undertaken by Dr. Ashok Seth & Dr. Vijay Kumar & all team members. I like to convey my thanks to all the nurses & sisters of cath-lab, heart command centre 2, Cath-lab recovery and especially sisters of 3rd floor rooms for their remarkable care. I also convey thanks to all doctors involved in T.A.V.R.

- Sampa Datta

Sampa Datta

Dear Dr. Seth, we celebrated dad’s 90th birthday on Jan 7th and have been wanting to write this note ever since... didn't get a chance until now. I still recall the first time we met you at crossroads to risk another open heart surgery to treat Aortic Stenosis. The sheer confidence with which you suggested that we wait out until the option of TAVR became available, a couple of years hence. Rest is history. Ever since the procedure in 2013, I must have thanked you & your team, every day, for what & how you’ve supported us over these years. Every time we meet you for a review, it only strengthens my confidence & belief that it was, probably, the best decision ever! I know, it’s been some time that we met you in person but dad, with his fading memory, still remembers you as fondly. With utmost gratitude and humility – Thank you sir, for giving dad another run!!

- Mr. Govind P Moorjani

Mr. Govind P Moorjani

One of the most approachable doctors I have met in the recent past. Dr Jaswal's exceptional in simplifying complicated medical procedures so that my mum and I could grasp and make informed choice. We approached Dr Jaswal after my mum developed infection post pacemaker implant (initial surgery done by doctors in a different hospital) and needed re-positioning of the lead within 3 weeks of her first surgery. Dr Jaswal's experience made her our first choice for a second opinion. Her advise was immediate 're-positioning' which she completed 2 days after we first saw her. My mum needed extra attention post surgery because of the infection and she stood up to the challenge so well; initially, she used to see my mum almost daily and then after few days she would come every second day. I live in the UK and this sort of doctor patient relationship is something that health care professionals in the UK can aspire to achieve. We really felt at home with her. My mum is recovering well - all thanks to her and her really talented team. Very capable, kind and always with a smile on their faces. I wish Dr Jaswal and her team of doctors and nurses all the best and I hope that each and every patient has a similar story to share about them.

- Mrs. Nilakshi Talukdar

United Kingdom

Mrs. Nilakshi Talukdar

When we heard about the procedure, we were quite convinced. I had already had a bypass CABG in 2017 so this method TAVR seemed the best procedure and the fact that it was being done by Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar gave me more confidence. In the duration of the procedure also, my family was given constant updates by their team. It was a good experience overall, no complications were there. As advised, i was discharged from the hospital in the 3rd day after my procedure and i feel almost no discomfort as compared to my CABG surgery which took much longer to recovery.
Thank you team.

- Mr Ravi Kumar Saxena


 Mr Ravi Kumar Saxena

I was advised by cardiac surgeon Dr Panda to go for TAVR . I was not heard about this procedure before. He also told me this is ideal procedure for aged people like us.
On making inquiries, I found that Dr. Seth is pioneer in this field of TAVR in India of his done maximum number of such procedure.
After several thoughts I decided to come to Delhi to do the TAVR procedure under Dr. A Seth.
I am very satisfied with the TAVR done here.

- Mr Satya Prakash Aggarwal


Mr Satya Prakash Aggarwal

My experience with TAVR procedure has been an eye opener for me, as such complex procedure was performed with such ease and excellent team work led by Dr. Ashok seth. I must say that Dr ASHOK SETH along with his team of doctors gave me a new life with painless procedure which lasted for not more than 45 minutes. Thereafter the post operating care has been equally painless and must also give complete credit to the nursing staff who have been specially trained for this procedure. I can already feel the difference in my breathing pattern and feel fit to be discharged on the 3rd day of my procedure.

- Mr. Vinod Kumar Anand


Mr. Vinod Kumar Anand
Mrs. Hussiniah Bahr Amer Alhadi, 74 year old Yemeni lady from Saudi Arabia suffered from breathlessness and tiredness at minimal exertion leading to great difficulty in doing her domestic work. She was diagnosed with severe Aortic Stenosis in her country and was advised a valve replacement. The son of the patient said, “On the internet we found that Dr. Ashok Seth and his team of doctors at Fortis Escorts in India were pioneers in TAVR procedure, and we decided to come to India.” The lady underwent a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement successfully in 2015 and flew back to her country with a smile and sweet memories of getting well in just five days. The cheerful son says, “There has been a lot of difference in my mother's condition before and after the procedure and she is able to walk in the Saket City mall without being breathless at all.”

- Mrs. Hussiniah Bahr Amer Alhadi


Mrs. Hussiniah Bahr Amer Alhadi
I hope this email finds you well I am writing on my own behalf and on the behalf of my family, my parents especially. You recently performed a TAVR procedure on my mother Mrs. Rose Mueni Ngao. We are very grateful that you did such a wonderful job. May God continue to guide and give you wisdom and integrity as you continue transforming the lives of people. My parents arrived Nairobi Kenya safely and Mum is recovering well. I take this opportunity to appreciate Dr. Vijay Kumar, he made us feel so comfortable and managed our anxiety and made sure the whole procedure appeared very simple even when it was not. My special thanks go to the International team and most especially to MS RITU SANDHU, she is a beautiful soul, she made us feel so at home, she ran around for us, even as I write this email , she is still asking how we are and how my mums is fairing on , May God bless her immensely. Ritu dear, Please continue working with same heart and may the work of your hands reward you back.

- Mrs. Betty Ngao

Nairobi Kenya

Mrs. Betty Ngao

42 years Gaurav Ahuja was battling to come out from multi organ failure resulting from serious congestion of his vital organs liver and lungs, malfunctioning kidneys, all resulting from the complication of severe aortic stenosis. He was admitted in another hospital where he was having his treatment done. Medicines were just failing to get him better and he had lost all hopes. He was advised aortic valve replacement as the only way out he would be able to get better from his congestive heart failure- on the other hand every surgeon labelled the case as extremely high risk for an open heart surgery.

TAVR was the only ray of hope ,but there were challenges with TAVR procedure as well because apart from a weak heart, there was a mobile structure hanging with the destroyed valve that had a potential threat to fly out and cause stroke.

However after few days of medical stabilization, TAVR was done. Cerebral protection was provided against the mobile structure flying out by using two filters parked in the arteries going to the brain. The procedure was done successfully, the mobile structure was trapped in the filter and a stroke was avoidable. The patient was discharged safely after his successful procedure a. Close to six months now, he is doing well, his heart function is supernormal and Liver function is unbelievably absolutely normal.

- Gaurav Ahuja


Gaurav Ahuja
  • We had a great experience. As whole of the Nursing + Medical staff. Medical staff was very helpful.
  • Explaining of the procedure and complications was explained with great interest.
  • Post procedure cure was excellent.
  • Staying at hospital was pleasant.
  • Regarding TAVR- Procedure is less painful, no big incision. Only small cut was made in groin region.
  • Only one day stay in ICU and day 3 we were discharged which included stay in hospital on last day for speedy recovery of the patient.

- Sarabjit Singh Pannu


Sarabjit Singh Pannu

Mrs. Rajmuni Devi was a case of previous bypass surgery and aortic valve replaced in the past. She again started having symptoms of chest discomfort and shortness of breath on few flight of stairs. She was seen by her local doctors who diagnosed that her surgical valve had degenerated and narrowed badly. A scary advice of going under the knife was the only option in the past but thanks to the TAVR therapy, her doctor son consulted for a Valve in Valve procedure by TAVR with us. The workup was done and she was planned for TAVR. In the CT scan that was done to measure the size of previous valve, it was also seen that the vein graft to one of the heart arteries that was bypassed had also a 90% blockage. We fixed her graft with a stent and then implanted a new Tran’s catheter aortic valve in valve successfully without a need for second open heart surgery. She is doing well after the procedure.

- Rajmuni Devi


Rajmuni Devi

Got TAVR procedure done at Fortis Escorts on 23/4/2019.

Done by Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar. The procedure done was very painless and good. Overall i am extremely satisfied.

All Doctors, nurses and attendants etc were very good and helpful. Always with smiling face. Overall extremely good experience.




I am son of Mrs. Madhuri Sinha ( Age-69). She was suffering from Mitral valve decease. She was not fit for open heart surgery. We met with Dr Vijay Kumar, we came to know that the Mitral Valve needs to be replaced. He advised TVMR as she was fragile, old and weak. TVMR does not require open heart surgery and the valve can be changed without high risk surgery. TVMR procedure was done on 30th June 2019 by Dr.Ashok Seth, Dr.Vijay Kumar and team. Dr.Seth met us before the procedure started and met us again after he successfully completed the procedure. TVMR surgery performed in an hour and my mother was transferred from ICU in 24 Hours. In three days, she was discharged from hospital.

Now i can see that she is recovering and very soon she will enjoy life at the fullest. I sincerely thank Dr.Seth and Dr.Vijay Kumar for all case and concern. A very special thanks to Dr.Vijay Kumar for everything. All the best to him for his bright future.

- Mrs. Madhuri Sinha


Mrs. Madhuri Sinha

We had a very good experience with TMVR. My father already had one open heart surgery in 2010 and that procedure and experience was very scary. Recovery period was also pretty long. But with TMVR, it looked like magic within half to one hour almost entire procedure was done and i was able to speak to my father almost immediately after TMVR. For our family TMVR is one of the biggest achievement of Medical Science.

We are very thankful to Dr. Ashok Seth and his entire team. The trust and belief with which we came to Dr. Seth has multiplied now. We wish him a very good luck.

Special thanks to Dr.Vijay and Mr.Ravi who helped us immensely and without their support, we probably wouldn't be able to understand details of TMVR.

- Harish Bansal


Harish Bansal

“Good Evening Dr. Sanjay !

Wishing You and Your Family A Very Happy Diwali. May thousands of lamps light your life, with endless happiness, richness, health and wealth forever.

I want to sincerely thank you for being such a great doctor. Before saying that you are an extraordinary doctor, I want to tell you that you are an extraordinary human being. Thanks for showing so much care and concern.

The very thought of hospitalisation is scary and traumatising, but caring doctors like u make it friendly and pleasing.

Thanks for your effective analysis and diagnosis. Else I would have never been able to continue living a life of bliss. I'm so humbled and grateful for your kind service.”

- Anu (Change Name)


Anu (Change Name)

My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Atul Mathur, a seasoned Cardiologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, Okhla Road, New Delhi, for successfully performing Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) for my mother, Smt. Shakuntala Jain on 05.07.2018. In her 83 years of age, she was a high-risk surgical case. Hats off to Dr. Atul Mathur for making it possible to relieve my mother from a major heart problem with this minimally invasive treatment novel procedure. He is truly a legend in all respects.

 I also thank Dr. Vijay, Dr. Ranjan Modi, Dr. Dole, TAVR Technicians Jitendar Chouhan and Yogesh, and the TAVR Nursing team of Mr. Mahesh and Ms. Liviya, for being integrally involved during the treatment procedure. My thanks are also due to Dr. Manish, Dr. Manbir and the officials Ms. Vibhuti Sharma, Ms. Reena Koirala and Mr. Dilnawaj working under Dr. Atul Mathur, for being always there as a great team with a very positive and forthcoming attitude and for making it so very easy for us throughout. I am sure, it is the kind of motivation and leadership that Dr. Atul Mathur provides that makes all the difference.

 It was an exceptionally encouraging experience for me to get the treatment of my mother by Dr. Atul Mathur.

 Dr. Atul Mathur, thank you once again for this wonderful experience in Fortis Escorts. You will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Director, Lok Sabha Secretariat,
Parliament Estate, New Delhi-01




My few words of appreciation to the Cardiac Thoracic team of Fortis Escort Heart Institute, New Delhi.

The world has made fantastic achievements with modern technology. To achieve this technology one needs caliber, know-how and precision. At the Heart Institute – Dr. Ashok Seth, Dr. Vijay Kumar and their team, have achieved this technology. In my case, on a 76 year old man - the TAVI surgery was performed in less than 45 minutes and I was transferred from the ICU in less than 24 hrs. These achievements need to be complimented to the TAVI team, the paramedical staff of the hospital, all the nurses, ward boys and everyone else involved.

My heartfelt thank you to Nitesh Kanojia and Meenakshi Kaar who competently managed everything to make this a success!

God Bless you all.

Dr. Mahesh Pandey [Professor (retd), North Eastern Hill University, Shillong] Bhimtal, Uttarakhand

- Dr. Mahesh Pandey


Dr. Mahesh Pandey

Heart surgery being considered risky and troublesome for recovery post operation, my father is subjected to least possible discomfort, thanks to TAVR and of course Dr. Seth and team. We were extremely surprised to see our father talking to us while being shifted to recovery post TAVR procedure. After the procedure, my father is feeling younger by 15 years with the disappearance of the previous discomfort and slight exertion.

 After the TAVR Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar guided us throughout the process and despite being imminent cardiologist replied to all our queries to our utmost satisfaction.

Irrespective of the time of day, all our messages/queries were replied promptly by Dr. Vijay himself. We were briefed very well at each stage of TAVR and during our stay at the hospital by Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar themselves. We convey our thanks to Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar for giving our father a trouble-free life and great recovery.

TAVR and saved us the complication of open heart surgery. We, the family of patient- Vijay pal Jain salute the passion and dedication of Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar in their work.

Both doctor (in fact angel to us) while informing us about the outcome of TAVR, were happier than us after the successful and perfect TAVR procedure each and every family member noticed the joy in the eyes of doctors, after the procedure. Lastly, we are thankful to Mr. Nitesh who helped us with admission, room allotment, and other administration work. Mr. Nitesh comes to help us with 15 min on every such request made by us.


- Mr. Vijay Pal Jain


Mr. Vijay Pal Jain

My father, Sri Om Prakash Goenka had undergone CABG + AVR in 2009. However, in beginning September, 2017 we came to know that the replaced aortic valve had de-generated and required replacement. As such, there were 2 options-First to undergo open-heart surgery and another TAVR. Since, my father is around 78 years and given his physical condition, open-heart surgery was ruled out. We consulted Dr Ashok Seth who advised TAVR procedure for my father. The procedure was successfully done on 10th October, 2017 and now my father is recovering from the weakness that he developed over the last few months of illness. He was discharged from the Hospital on 15th October, 2017.

We are extremely greatful to Dr Ashok Seth and Dr Vijay Kumar and their entire team for the successful treatment of my father, which was done without the nightmares of post-treatment recovery. The entire procedure hardly took 2 hours. It was like a miracle. Dr Seth met us before he started the procedure and met us again after he successfully completed the procedure. He explained to us about the patient`s heart condition and what he had done in TAVR. It was really heartening to hear the details from the Doctor himself, which is very rare in India. We are further, extremely greatful and indebted to Dr Vijay Kumar for the attention he provided to my father as well as the care he had taken during the entire stay in the hospital. We had an extremely good experience with the entire team. They were very co-operative and interactions with them eased out the tension we had with regard to my father`s illness. Special reference is required to be made to Mr Nitesh who managed and administered everything in the Hospital. Dr Modi and Dr Manish were always there to answer to all our queries that our inquisitiveness had. Mr Bhajan and Ms Meenakshi took care to ensure that my father did not wait long during his first visit to Dr Seth, as he was too weak to wait for long.

Thank you very much for the successful procedure and for taking care of my father.

- Mr.Yogesh Goenka-younger son of Om Prakash Goenka


Mr.Yogesh Goenka-younger son of Om Prakash Goenka

Procedure TAVR done by hon.Dr ashok seth, Dr vijay kumar and his team which is successful and we are really satisfied and thankful for each and everyone. Mr nitish helped us in cooperating from beginning.

My salute for Dr. Ashok seth 

- Shanti vaish


Shanti vaish
Very good feeling and experience with TAVR done by competent Dr ashok seth and Dr vijay kumar.My advice to other patient who suffering from severe, should not afraid with the procedure of TAVR,In life money is not everything.
Thanks to Mr. Nitesh for his instant support and effort

- Mr.Rajendra Mahendra


Mr.Rajendra Mahendra

The experience with fortis escorts for this particular procedure was great. Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay kumar handled the case very well right from the beginning with proper guidance, explanations and transparency. On the day of procedure, they were in a constant touch to explain all the progress. Overall good moral support was given by doctors on the day and after it. There manager Nitish also helped us right from the beginning of our admission till our discharge. Great work done by team. All the best.

A very special thanks to Dr. vijay kumar for everything. All the best to him for his future.




I am daughter of Mrs. Krishna Sharma 74 years of age. She is suffering from Severe Aortic Stenosis with Severe LV dysfunction (EF- 30 %) since long. Due to this she feels breathlessness and pain and heaviness in chest. After consultation with Dr. Ashok Seth, we came to know that her Aortic Valve needs to be transplant. He advised TAVR as she has very fragile and weak, and TAVR does not required open heart surgery and the valve can be changed without high risk of surgery. She underwent TVR on 3/8/17 by Dr. Ashok Seth, Dr. Vinay Kumar and team. Now I can see that she is recovering and very soon she will enjoy life at the fullest. I sincerely thanks Dr. Ashok Seth and his team for all care and concern towards my mother. I also want to thanks Mr. Nitish for all his help and assistance, he makes our stay in hospital very comfortable and always there when we needed him.

Thank you Doctor Seth for giving my mother new ease of life. I wish through this TAVR procedure you are able to give smile to elder people.

Thank you Doctor Vinay Kumar

Thank you All Nursing Staff.

Thank you Mr Nitish 

- Mrs. Krishna Sharma


Mrs. Krishna Sharma

The Surgery (TAVR) was performed by Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar and team. The surgery was very successful. Thank you so much for the same. The services at the hospital are excellent. Good treatment. They have taken good care.

- Mrs. Malati Shah


Mrs. Malati Shah

During my interview given yesterday I have already stated how I feel the experience of having been changed both physically and psychologically. What Dr. Ashok Seth has done to me and my mind is some sort of medical magic. Not only do I feel a colossal metamorphosis personally, but also my close ones are euphoric. I’m also thankful to Dr Vijay Kumar for his assistance and support.

P.s- Mr. Nitesh, secretary to Dr. Seth has been of immense help to me. I wish him all success and preferement.

- Brajkishore Prasad


Brajkishore Prasad

I had undergone a open heart surgery for Aortic Valve replacement is 2001 for narrowing of the aortic valve. The tissue valve failed about 8 months back. I started having breathlessness which gradually worsened. I was not able to walk, sleep or even eat well due to breathlessness. After TAVR all my symptoms resolved almost immediately. Due to my age, I thought it was a waste to spend so much money on a new procedure. After TAVR, I have completely changed my opinion. It was well worth it. Dr Ashok Sethi is simply great. Being a pioneer of TAVR in India, he has got the best experience in performing the procedure. Dr Vijay Kumar, Senior Cardiologist who is in-charge of TAVR program was so helpful and supportive from admission till discharge. He took great care regarding all the aspects of my health during my hospital stay. Having undergone both open heart surgery and TAVR, I can very well appreciate the difference. There is no comparison between the two. TAVR is just like a angiogram. I recovered in just 2 to 3 days.

I’m grateful to all the staff of each and every department who cared for me. Collectively, they all made my experience during my hospital stay, very nice. The TAVR team headed by stalwart Dr Ashok Seth and a great doctor Dr Vijay Kumar is doing a fantastic job here. To all those who are suffering from Aortic Valve problems similar to that of mine, I strongly recommend to seriously consider TAVR which is a lot safer procedure compared to open heart surgery. Finally, last but not the least, I need to mention about Dr Nitesh who coordinated everything very efficiently. I am much thankful to him.

- C.K. Seetharam Dixit


C.K. Seetharam Dixit

Excellent procedure for T.A.V.R performed by Dr. Ashok Seth and his entire team of doctors. Recovery is faster. Thanks to Dr. Vijay Kumar as well for guiding me for the procedure. The level of personal service and attention given to me by Dr. Nitesh since the time of admission till the completion of the procedure was excellent.

- M.M Nangia


M.M Nangia

Everything went very well with the procedure. I do understand that there will always be some discomfort with the preparatory process, especially the injection on the neck. However, I have been amazed with the recovery process. There was no pain by the next day and within two days I felt I was ‘back to normal’.

- Johanna Gill


Johanna Gill

Mr. Harbans. S. Sahny, 85 year old gentleman from Delhi, with multiple stents and a Pacemaker in the past, with the onset of chest pain and shortness of breath. He was diagnosed to have severe Calcific Aortic Stenosis. He successfully underwent TAVR through Alternative Vascular Access Route (Subclavian Artery) in March 2013. He is all hale and hearty.

- Mr. Harbans. S. Sahny


Mr. Harbans. S. Sahny

Mr. G. P. Moorjani, 83 year old frail pleasant gentleman from Delhi, with a previous Bypass Surgery in 2003 and permanent pacemaker implantation in 2012, was diagnosed as a case of severe Calcific Aortic Stenosis, due to the onset of chest pain and shortness of breath. He underwent TAVR in February 2012. He’s doing well and is able to walk 30 minutes daily.

- Mr. G. P. Moorjani


Mr. G. P. Moorjani

Mrs. Shanta Pawar (Surat), 65 year old lady was a known case of Bronchial Asthma, diagnosed to have severe calcification as in 2012 as part of an evaluation for her shortness of breath. Her doctor son chose TAVR as the procedure of choice in view of her severe Asthma. The heart team evaluated her and found to be in agreement with the choice of treatment. She successfully underwent TAVR in September 2013. She says, “Now I feel I am just a 26 year old young lady”.

- Mrs. Shanta Pawar


Mrs. Shanta Pawar

Mr. Amal Chand Sengupta, 81 year old male from Kolkata with previous history of a Bypass Surgery in 2008, was finding life difficult and practically bed-bound because of severe shortness of breath and tiredness due to severe Aortic Stenosis.
He successfully underwent TAVR in 2013 and life changed for good. He goes to parks for walks and shopping in malls now. He says, “The operation was successfully done and I am indebted to Fortis Escorts and its wonderful team of doctors. I am impressed to see the confidence in the team of doctors performing TAVR”. TAVR gave him a new lease to life.

- Mr. Amal Chand Sengupta


Mr. Amal Chand Sengupta

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute is the hospital where I got my aortic valve implantation done through TAVI procedure by the chairman Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar which was a memorable experience. I wish them good luck for all of their future projects, may god bless them. Doctors and staff are very devoted and professional.

- B. Basu Retired IRS


B. Basu Retired IRS

 Fortis Escorts Heart Institute where I had the opporunity to have my aortic valve replaced by the chairman Dr. Ashok Seth and Dr. Vijay Kumar  which was a wonderful experience and is comparable with any international hospital. The doctors are highly professional, competent and fully devoted to the requirement of the patients. The staff is excellent and very helpful. I wish them further success for their latest projects.

- Brig. S K Grover


Brig. S K Grover

“Dr Mandeep explained to me the surgical procedure and the treatment. I was worried about the outcome.. But when he explained why the procedure was important and how it could give me the freedom of mobility again, I felt I was in safe hands. I am grateful to Dr. Mandeep and his team for giving me a new life of un-dependency. I am able to walk more than 2 kilometers; sit on the floor to pray to the god; go about my daily chores in a normal way and most importantly do everything on my own.”

- Ms Fameeda


Ms Fameeda

“I do not have adequate words of gratitude and we are really grateful to the family for taking such a noble decision and in being instrumental restoring life to our daughter. I have seen her suffering and had almost lost hope that my wife and I will be able to spend more years watching her grow. But the doctors have made our impossible hope a living dream.”

- Dr Goyal


Dr Goyal

“Hope was very slim when we brought my dad to Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Seeing him recovering now, our confidence in the skills and expertise of the doctors here has further renewed. Our sincere gratitude to the team of doctors especially, Dr. Kler and Dr. Meharwal for getting him back on his feet”.

- Sardar Amrik Singh daughter


Sardar Amrik Singh daughter

“I have no words of gratitude for Dr. Iyer and his team. After 28 years, we experienced the joy of the birth of a baby in my family and it was a happiness that we almost lost. Despite the time that we lost in reaching Dr. Iyer, he immediately started the corrective procedures on my baby. I am so grateful to have come to Dr. Iyer who restored the joy and happiness in my family.”

- Gopal Agarwal


Gopal Agarwal

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