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Setting benchmarks that is on par with the global standard


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As one of the foremost names in global healthcare, we at Fortis Escorts believe in offering quality care to our patients. In doing so, we want to create a relationship of trust between our patients and us. To begin with, our patients have the right to know the standards of service we offer. This way they remain well aware of the fact that they are being treated by capable expert hands of a hospital that really cares.

The service of any hospital is judged keeping in mind various standards also known as quality indicators that determine the kind of service a hospital provides and whether it measures up to international standards or not. We at Fortis Escorts are glad to state that with relentless dedication we have been delivering superior quality medical services that are on par and even better than our international counterparts.

Our Quality Indicators

Overall Mortality Rate - The percentage of patients who die in the hospital determines the mortality rate of the hospital. The overall mortality rate as per the international benchmark is 1-2% and for us at Fortis Escorts it is just 2%.

Coronary Care Unit (CCU) Mortality Rate- The rate of deaths of patients admitted in the Coronary Care Unit or Cardiac Intensive Care Unit for heart ailments determines the mortality rate of Coronary Care Unit. The universal rate of mortality for CCU is 7-14% and at Fortis Escorts it is 3.5%. A percentage that is even better than the standards set globally.

Elective CABG Mortality Rate- The rate of deaths occurred in a hospital during a coronary bypass determines the Elective CABG Mortality Rate of a hospital. At Fortis Escorts this is 1.48%. A commendable fact is that it is much lesser than the international standards of 1.90%

Elective PTCA Mortality Rate- The rate of casualties during an angioplasty determines the mortality of a hospital. At Fortis Escorts this is 0.3% while the internationally it is 0.3(Square).

Reoperation for Bleeding Rate- The number of reoperations required for surgeries conducted in a hospital signify the percentage of reoperations that are conducted in a hospital. The universal rate for reoperation for bleeding is 2.2% while at Fortis Escorts it is 0.9% which is way better than the levels of international standards

Door to Door Balloon Time: PTCA (minutes)- The average time taken to treat a heart attack patient is known as the Door to Door Balloon Time. The average time for patients is 90 minutes globally and at Fortis the time taken to do the same is just 68 minutes

Surgical Site Infection Rate- The number of patients treated for infections at the site of surgical incision decides the rate of surgical site infection in a hospital. The global rate of such infections is 1.47% while at Fortis Escorts it is just 1.34%.

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