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Fortis Healthcare First in India to Monitor and Publish Clinical Outcomes for Cardiology


Publication : Fortis

There are not many healthcare centers that put an extra foot forward when it comes to making as a mark in the medical field. However, when it comes to Fortis, it has spear-led many measures that make it a coveted healthcare center.

It is the first Indian healthcare chain to monitor and then publish medical outcome data for major Cardiology procedure. This is based on global norms which are specified by the International Consortium for Health Outcomes Measurement.  This data is globally agreed upon and works an evidence to measure health related quality of life resulting from patient care.

All these norms aid in comparing the best results globally and enable hospitals to gain a better insight and comprehend how they can analyze world-wide factors that determine clinical success.

Fortis proudly declares how it considers its role to be much more than merely treating patients. It sets new benchmarks for itself every time, trying to explore the field of medicine to the fullest. It focuses on delivery of value-based medicine which enhances the predictability of a positive result. This in return, aids Fortis to better the quality of healthcare while ensuring the system remains transparent. Such an initiative results in patient empowerment. It also amplifies the impact of measures taken towards medical care and clearing out the steps involved in every medical protocol. It also gives the patients the power to have a wider understanding of the medical options available to them.

This data is helping Fortis Escorts Hospital and Heart Institute to exhibit brilliant results and also perform better with zero or negligible cases of post-operative neurological strokes, vascular complications,  peri-operative myocardial infarctions, renal failures and emergency CABG.

Publishing these clinical outcomes is a massive step towards not only structuring the accountability of Fortis as a health set up but also winning the trust of patients. Measurement of every step helps them practise better and showcases their openness to make informed decisions, thereby restoring the faith of many who look up to the medical industry for their life-long diseases.

With the availability of such a relevant data, it becomes easier for many more hospitals to improve their clinical results. It also serves as a yardstick for patients to make an informed and transparent decision when it comes to their life and health.


In fact, to further show how dedicated Fortis is towards its endeavours, it has put on display its results and thus open to public scrutiny. This not only increases its accountability but also puts it at the top health centers that give patients, and most importantly international patients, the right to make an informed choice about their own life. This in return gives them a chance to extend a hand across borders and make it a healthy world.


In fact, many such hospitals should adopt the same strategies and help patients understand if they are making the right choice. Many patients lose their lives because they don’t know what they are getting into. It is vital to keep them informed so they can take better decisions when it comes to their lives.


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