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Dr. Ritwick Raj Bhuyan

Dr. Ritwick Raj Bhuyan
Cardiac Sciences


Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon with twenty years of experience in high volume cardio thoracic centers in India and Australia. Skills include pre operative, operative and post operative management of adult and pediatric cardiac and thoracic patients with extensive hands on operating experience.

Previous Experience

  • Pre Registered Clinical assistant: Guwahati Medical college: Guwahati (1994-1995.) Have gained short term experience in all the major specialties in this tertiary care hospital which is about 1200 bedded and situated in the capital city of Assam( in the North Eastern part of India). Management of medical, surgical, obstetric, ophthalmology and otorhinolargology patients.
  • Junior Resident: Neurosciences (Institute of Neurological Sciences, Guwahati-(1996-1997): 150 bedded super specialty hospital caring for patient with neurological and neurosurgical diseases. Responsibilities included management of all types of neurological and neurosurgical problems in the out patients clinic, intensive care unit, casualty department and also preparing and working up patients for different types of neurosurgical procedures.
  • Registrar-Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery Apollo hospital, New Delhi ( Sept 2001- Dec 2003)- Clinical work included assisting with all adult cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, intensive care unit management.
  • Senior Resident – Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery , Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Science and Technology , Trivandrum , India(Jan 2004-Dec 2006) : Systematic and graded training in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery . During the three years training , exposed to about 1500 open heart cases including the full range of adult and paediatric cardiac , thoracic and vascular cases . Also exposed to animal laboratory and designing of medical devices.Involved in preoperative and postoperative care of adult and paediatric cardiovascular and thoracic cases. Extensive hands on training including harvest of conduits for coronary artery surgery and assisting all varieties of adult and paediatric cardiovascular cases.
  • Junior Consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery - Indraprastha Apollo hospital, New Delhi (Jan 2007-Apr 2008)-:- Involved in assisting all cardiac cases both adult and Pediatric skills- conduit harvesting- internal mammary artery, radial artery, saphenous vein. Opening and closing all cardiac and thoracic cases, going on and off bypass, doing proximal aorto coronary anastomosis. Post operative intensive care in both adult and pediatric intensive care.
  • Attending consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic surgery - Max Hospital, New Delhi:- Involved in assisting all adult cardio vascular and thoracic cases, skills- conduit harvesting- internal mammary artery, radial artery, saphenous vein. Opening and closing all cardiac and thoracic cases, going on and off bypass, doing proximal aorto coronary anastomosis. Post operative intensive care in both adult and pediatric intensive care.
  • Senior Registrar, Darcy Sutherland Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit, Royal Adelaide Hospital, Adelaide, Australia:- Involved mainly in operating independently or under supervision of consultants,skills – doing independently coronary artery bypass grafting surgery both on and off pump, total arterial revascularization, mitral valve and aortic valve replacements , combined mitral , aortic valve and coronary artery bypass, mitral valve repairs. Assisting all types of complex cardiothoracic cases including redo coronary and valve surgeries , complex aortic surgeries. Special area of interests and training included minimally invasive mitral valve repair and replacements ( level III Video assisted Mitral valve surgeries)
  • Short Term Clinical Attachment, Heart and Lung Transplant : University Hospital of South Manchester , Manchester , UK ( June 2017 )
  • Short Term Clinical Attachment, Mechanical circulatory device, Centrimag and Heart lung Transplant: University Hospital Of South Manchester , Manchester , UK ( June , 2017)
  • Observership Course for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI): Centre Hospitalier Regional Universitaire de Lille, Lille, France (March, 2018)
  • Director and Chief, Cardiovascular Surgery, Max Healthcare, New Delhi – Jan 2013 till date
  • Operative Log: Assisted in about 15000 cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery over a fifteen yearperiod. Performed more than 7000open heart surgeries independently over the same time, which included repair of secondum ASD, VSD, Mitral and Aortic Valve Replacement and coronaryartery bypass grafting surgery(on and off pump), mitral valve repair, minimally invasive mitral and aortic valve replacements , MICS CABG , surgery for atrial fibrillation ,repair of aortic aneurysms, LVAD Implantation with HEARTMATE 2 device.

Teaching Experience

  • Clinical rounds and lectures for final year medical students in General surgery
  • Weekly classes for cardiac nursing students and perfusion technology students
  • Regular presentation in Morning Cath conferences
  • Teaching for DNB Cardiac surgery postgraduates
  • Monthly presentation of clinical Audit and mortality review meetings
  • Lectures for staff nurses in cardiac surgery.
  • Morning seminars in Royal Adelaide Hospital

Miscellaneous work experience :

  • Helped in setting up open heart surgical programme in Guwahati Medical College Hospital, in North Eastern part of India.
  • Attended various health camps related to preventive aspect of cardiovascular diseases.


MBBS (DEC 1989 – JULY 1994)- Guwahati Medical College, Guwahati, Assam, India.

Internship (1994-1995):- Guwahati Medical College- Guwahati, Assam, India.

Housesurgeon , Psychiatry ( 1995-1996):- Guwahati Medical College , Assam , India

Junior Resident , Neurosciences (1996-1997):- Institute of Neurological Sceinces , India

Senior Housesurgeon , Otorhinolaryngology (1997-1998) :- Guwahati Medical College, Assam , India

MS General Surgery (1998-2001), Assam Medical College, Dibrugarh, Assam, India.

Registrar,Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (2001-2003) :- Indraprastha Apollo Hospital , New Delhi , India

MCh Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (Jan 2004- Dec 2006) :- Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology Trivandrum, Kerala, India

Junior Consultant , Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery ( Jan 2007-April 2008):- Indraprastha Apollo Hospital , New Delhi , India

Attending Consultant , Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (May 2008- Dec 2010):-Max Superspeciality Hospital , New Delhi , India

Senior Registrar , Darcy Sutherland Cardiothoracic Surgical Unit(Dec 2010 – December 2012 ),Royal Adelaide Hospital , Adelaide , SA

Director and In Charge CTVS , Max Superspeciality Hospital, Patparganj , New Delhi : January 2013 till date

Professional Affiliations

Conferences and Workshops:

  • Association of Otorhinolaryngological Society of India conferences, 1998, New Delhi
  • Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons of India conference, Kochi-2005, Bangalore-2006.
  • CME in Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, Trivandrum, Coimbatore
  • Workshop on coronary Artery bypass grafting, Hyderabad, Calicut , India
  • Workshop on Endosurgical Stapling devices, Chennai, India
  • Vascular Society of India conference, Trivandrum-2005.
  • Combined annual meeting of The Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery (18th) and Indian Association of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons (56th),New Delhi , 2010
  • ASCTS Conference , Queenstown, New Zealand , August 2011
  • EACTS , 2013 , Vienna , Austria
  • IACTSCON , Trivandrum , India , 2015
  • EACTS , 2015, Amsterdam , Netherlands
  • HEARTMATE 3 LIVE workshop , CHUV , Laussane , Switzerland , July , 2016
  • IACTS , 2017 , Bangaluru
  • AATS , Centinneal , 2017 , Boston , USA
  • IACTS, 2018 , Vizag , India
  • IACTS , 2019, Chennai ,India
  • Medtronic Mitral valve repair Summit : Thailand Chest Institute , Bangkok , August , 2019
  • SMICTSI , 2019 , Mumbai , India

Papers presented in Conferences :

1) Mid term results of coronary Endarterectomy-IACTSCON, 2006: Bangalore

2) Profile and Management of Lutembachers Syndrome. IACTSCON: 2006, Bangalore, India.

3) Clinical profile and results of Pneumonectomy - IACTSCON: 2006, Bangalore

4) Management of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm: IACTSCON: 2005: Kochi

5) Management of Thoraco abdominal aneurysm: Vascular Society of India Conference 2005, Trivandrum.

6) Clinical trial and results of Chitra Vascular grafts: Vascular Society of India Conference 2005, Trivandrum

7) Two Suture technique of Vascular anastomosis- Video presentation: Vascular Society of India Conference: 2005, Trivandrum.

8) Outcome of Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Surgery in Indigenous Australian Population, ASCTS , 2011 , Queenstown , New Zealand

9) Techniques of venous drainage in MICS valve surgery : SMICTSI , 2019 , Mumbai , India


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5) Rajneesh Duora, Manoranjon Mishra, Ritwick Raj Bhuyan, P Sankara Sharma, Karunakaran Jayakumar, Does transfusion of Residual cardiopulmonary bypass circuit blood increase post operative bleeding? A prospective randomised study in patients undergoing on pump cardiopulmonary bypass Asian Journal Of Transfusion Medicine: 2008:2: 51-55

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9) Narula J, Kumar N, Kumar S, Jaiswal S , Bhuyan RR : Left Atrial Thrombus : Is That About It ; J Card Crit Care ;2017 1: 45-49

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