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Shoulder cramps with unbearable pain is a common problem which is quiet painful. The pain can be too much at times and can even keep you up the whole night. Although there can be a number of other reasons responsible for the pain like bad posture, harmonal imbalance, other than these there are also some genetic causes like Diabetes, Hypothyroidism and Frozen shoulder,but the main reason behind the pain is associated with the part of the Rotator Cuff Tear.

According to, Dr. Raman kant Agarwal of Fortis Healthcare(Mohali, Gurgaon and Delhi), who is a Senior Orthopedic Surgeon a specialist on all shoulder related problems and game injuries says that there is an another reason which is quiet common but still unknown to people and that is, like in your knees, Arthritis can also be found in your shoulders. Shoulder Arthritis behaves much like a frozen shoulder problem, and in such cases like the knees, the shoulder needs to be replaced.

There are certain symptoms related to Shoulder Arthritis , which are- excessive pain in the night which becomes more painful when we change sides while sleeping, a sharp shooting pain in the later part of the shoulder, uncomfort while combing your hair or experiencing pain while reaching for your back pocket and unable to do many things which involves your shoulder.

According to Dr. Raman Kant Agarwal, because of the lack of proper diagnosis it has become a common belief that every shoulder related problem is a frozen shoulder issue and many a times the patient and the doctor, took it for survical pain as a result the patients are unable to get the right treatment.

However, most of the patients are suffering from cuff tear disease and Arthritis of the Shoulder. Typically in these cases, even the painkillers are ineffective and due to the absence of the rotator cuff, strengthening the shoulder is not possible as the physiotherapy also has its limits. But thankfully in this age of modern medicine, all these problems can be treated and that is why you should not give up and suffer. The right diagnosis, an efficient process can promise you a good recovery which in turn will normalize your daily activities along with your sleep.

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