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Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints
 Dr. Ashok Rajgopal

Arthritis is inflammation of one or more of your joints

The field of medical science has evolved rapidly over the last few decades. The advances in medical technology have not only helped improve lives but have also aided in early diagnosis of various medical conditions. Arthritis is one such condition that has shown a rise, both in the reported incidences and its treatment options. It is a form of joint disorder that involves swelling and pain in one or more joints. The most common form is osteoarthritis, a degenerative joint disease that can affect any joint but in the Indian context it is more common to the knee joint. There is pain in the knees associated with swelling and deformity of the knee joints. Painful deformed knees are a life altering condition and can result in depression and anxiety.

Osteoarthritis can be easily diagnosed by x- rays. After the initial diagnosis patients normally opt for treatment by conservative measures like lifestyle changes, exercises, physiotherapy, alternate therapies and medications. Given the fact that it is a progressive degenerative condition these conservative measures may or may not help. Some patients may find their problem gradually progressing over a period of time, with knee pain interfering with normal activities of daily living. In such situations Total Knee Replacement surgery offers a complete cure to the patients' problems.

PRE OP Photo of the Patient with OA

POST OP Photo of the patient with Bilateral TKR


According to Dr Ashok Rajgopal, Chairman Fortis Bone & Joint Institute, joint replacement surgery is by far the treatment of choice for people suffering from arthritis of any joint, particularly the weight bearing joints of the body i.e. the knees and the hips. So the next question that comes to mind is – when is it the right time to undergo a joint replacement surgery? The ideal time to undergo this surgery is when you have pain at rest not relieved by medicines and other conventional modalities. When your quality of life starts getting compromised and you start feeling dependent on others for normal day to day activities you need to seriously consider a joint replacement surgery.

Today the options for knee replacement surgery are so advanced that patients can sit on the floor, walk, play golf, swim, drive cars and lead full normal active lives within three months from surgery. Patients used to be reluctant to undergo this surgery because of a fear of the unknown. They did not know what to expect after the surgery and there were so many myths in the market that patients probably felt that they were better off in pain than having restrictions imposed on them after surgery. They would allow the disease process to escalate to such levels that they would end up leading very dependent lives. According to Dr Rajgopal, it is better not to let the disease process advance to crippling levels. "Seek advice and treatment in time" he says. Dr Rajgopal says "Today technology is so advanced that we have computer navigation surgery, Patient Specific Instrumentation, and I- Assist navigation for replicating the movements and functions of a normal knee. All these assistive aids along with advanced systems like the PERSONA knee will make the patient forget that he has ever had a knee replacement surgery! We have so much to help the patient feel better- by the time they are discharged from the hospital, which is about 5-6 days after surgery our patients are comfortable and independent in activities of daily living."

Dr Ashok Rajgopal
Executive Director & Chairman Fortis Bone & Joint institute
Fortis Escorts New Delhi
Fortis Memorial research Institute Gurgaon

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