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Age not a barrier for the right treatment at Fortis Escorts

Age not a barrier for the right treatment at Fortis Escorts

In healthcare, when it comes to expertise, age of the patient takes a back seat. This is the philosophy that Fortis runs by and ends up proving to by a master when it comes to healthcare setups. At Fortis, every doctor comes with years of expertise, ensuring the lives of all patients are in safe hands.

One such case where the doctors at Fortis exhibited their skills and superior expertise is when Mrs. Phoolwati Gaharwar, a 100 years old lady, needed immediate medical intervention and got it from Fortis Escorts Heart Institute right in time.

She had fallen from her bed and was immediately admitted to the nearest hospital to her place. There were no external injuries but reports suggested that her internal injury demanded an immediate implant of a device which would assist her heart to function normally.

This is when she was referred to Fortis Escorts by the attending doctor who predicted only 50% chance of her surviving any surgical process. She was then transferred under the care of Dr.Aparna Jaswal, who is a Sr. Consultant, Electrophysiology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. She calmed the family and allayed their doubts. She explained all the benefits of a device but also alarmed them about the challenges that are associated with patients at such an old stage.

Although the family was not too convinced at first, but believing in the doctor's words and going by the reputation that Fortis has especially when it comes to heart led conditions, they decided to go for the surgical procedure.

While the family was jittery, Dr. Aparna Jaswal was confident of her approach. She shared that pace-maker implants as a procedure is a specialized area for Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and therefore posed a little challenge for the surgical team. The only thing that was worrying them was the patient's advanced age that would work as a deterrent in the success of the surgery.

However, after all the initial inhibitions, what followed was a successful operation. As the patient had no co-morbidities, the surgical team was able to implant a single chamber pace-maker. Today, Mrs. Phoolwati Gaharwar is fine and back on her feet.

For the family, it was nothing less than a miracle to see the patient recuperating fast. In fact, the patient's grandson, Nishant Gaharwar personally thanked all the doctors and couldn't stop praising the systemized protocol followed by the Fortis team when it came to handling his grandmother. Right from picking her up from the previous pickup to counseling the family and preparing the patient for the final operation – every step was seamless and hassle-free.

It is cases like this and many more that prove how Fortis remains the undaunted masters of healthcare. They focus on every patient as a special case that demands their utmost attention, which leads to surgeries that are successful and families that put their faith in them. Today, they are not only a known healthcare setup in India but have also branched out globally, helping the ones in need and making it a healthier world.

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