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7 types of physical activities to get relief from vulvar pain

7 types of physical activities to get relief from vulvar pain

When it comes to taking care of our lady parts, most of us fail in this subject. While we pay much attention to how we look and carry ourselves smartly in public, we ignore the fact that there are many other ‘essential and sensitive parts’ of the body that need our attention too. One of these is our ‘vulva.’

Now, what’s a vulva? It makes for the external part of a female’s genitalia that protects her sexual organs, urinary opening, vestibule and vagina against a mammoth of infections and diseases. Are you serious? Yes! It acts as a protective shield that we’re totally unaware of. Pain in this area not only puts a damper on your sexual activities but also causes pain and problems which are difficult to deal with.

But, there’s a silver lining amid the dark cloudy sky! Be it a problem related to our skin or an internal body issue, we Indian’s have a solution for every problem that persists and comes our way. Here, in this post, we bring you 7 types of physical activities that offer instant relief against your vulvar pain.

Do not stress your private part!

The key here is to avoid exercises that put direct pressure on your vulvae such as riding a bicycle, a horse or something similar. Instead, opt for an activity that poses least force down there.

Opting for an intense exercise? A big NO!

Limit the number of intense exercises that create a lot of friction in the vulvar region. The best alternative at hand is to go with exercises with lower the intensity such as walking, jogging, etc.

When it becomes unbearable, use an ice pack!

At times, the pain you may experience down there can be frustrating. The teasing sensation, the burning feeling, uh! It can be awful. For such times, it's best to use a frozen get pack wrapped in a towel. This widely offers relief against the symptoms experienced after exercising.

Swimming is prohibited!

Most swimming pools today are highly chlorinated which typically is not good for the health of your vulva. So, it’s advised not to go for a swim when experiencing vulvar pain.

Yoga helps!

Be it a severe back pain, excess weight gain or vulvar pain, yoga has a solution for every problem that exists around us. Enroll yourself in a yoga class, and learn stretching and relaxation exercises that aid in keeping the vulvar pain away.

A sitting job can make you uncomfortable!

If you have a job that involves prolonged hours of sitting at one place, this can certainly add to your vulvar pain. Try to take a break now and then, and walk a little bit here and there in your office premises to offer ease to your vulvar region.

Make use of Foam Rubber Pillows

An extension of the point that we just mentioned above, you can also use foam rubber pillows or donuts for prolonged periods of sitting. They actually work!

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