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Dr. Subrat  Acharya

Dr. Subrat Acharya
Clinical Research

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Executive Director Gastroenterology, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi

Dr. Subrat Kumar Acharya is an Executive Director – Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okla, New Delhi (INDIA). He is a renowned gastroenterologist and liver transplant physician, with distinguished career spans more than 4 decades at the prestigious AIIMS, New Delhi from 2004-16 and has retired as Professor and Head, Department of Gastroenterology. His Areas of expertise include all areas of gastroenterology and liver diseases including transplant hepatology and advanced endoscopy. For his achievements and contributions to the field of gastroenterology and hepatology, Dr. Subrat Kumar has been honored with several awards and accolades. Prominent among them is the Padma Shree which he received in 2014. Dr. Subrat Kumar Acharya has also received the prestigious Samanta Candrasekhar and JC Bose Awards, Mitra Olympus Endoscopy Award, P N Berry Award, Commonwealth Medical Fellowship Award, Om Prakash Memorial Award and Best Young Investigator Award by Asia-Pacific Association for Study of the Liver.

Awards & Accolades


  • 2018: Awarded Dr F P Antia oration by TN medical College & BYL Nair Ch Hospital Mumbai on 16th January 2018 on Acute on Chronic Liver Failure
  • 2017: Dr S Ramachandran memorial Lecture on hepatocellular Cancer by Department of Biotecnology, Govt of India at Instittue of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar on 18th September 2017
  • 2016: V I mathan & Mini Mathan oration at Christian Medical College ,vellore
  • 2016: Dr Anoop Tripathy Oration by Allahabad Medical Association and delivered oration on “Therapy in Liver Disease-Paradigm shift” at Allahabad on 19th Novemebr 2016
  • 2015: SS Aggarwal Oration in Lucknow, UP
  • 2014: Awarded ‘Padma Shree’ by the Govt of india
  • 2013: Dr R A Mashelkar Endowment Lecture – Delivered at National Chemical Laboratories, Pune on 20-12-2013
  • 2013: Blumberg oration : By South Asian Association of Study of Liver(SAASL) at Dhaka, Bangladesh on 19th May 2013
  • 2012: Awarded DSc by Sikhya “O” Anusandhan University, Odisha in 2012
  • 2012: Awarded J.C.Bose Fellowship by the Department of Science and Technology, Govt.of India
  • 2010: Awarded P Raghavan Oration by Seth G S medical College, Mumbai, on 10 th April
  • 2010: Oration on Hepatocellular Cancer
  • 2010: Awarded ‘S.R Naik Oration’ by the Indian National Association for study of liver (INASL) and delivered oration on 14th March 2010 at Bhubaneswar during INASL Annual Conference held at Bhubaneswar from 12th to 14th March, 2010.
  • 2009: Awarded ‘P.N. Chuttani Oration’ by Indian Society of Gastroentrology for the year 2009 and delivered the oration on 12th December
  • 2009: at Science city, Kolkata during 50th Annual Conference of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology held from 11th to 14th December 2009 at Kolkata.
  • 2009: Elected as a fellow of Indian National Science Academy (INSA) and was conferred F.N.A in December, 2009
  • 2007: Awarded the Ranbaxy Resrach Award for the year 2006 in the field of “Medical Sciences – Clinical Research”
  • 2006: Elected as President of the Indian Association of Gastroenterology 2005 Awarded the Advanced Centre for Liver disease by the Indian Council of Medical Research to provide advanced facility for research in the area of liver diseases
  • 2005: Continues to edit the indexed journal ‘Tropical Gastroenterology’ since 1993.
  • 2005: Awarded by Samanta Chandra Sekhar Award on 20th January, 2005, for the year 2003.
  • 2005: Invited as Editor of Journal of Gastroenterology & Hepatology – official journal of Asia pacific Asscociation of Gastroenterology.
  • 2004: Elected as a fellow to the National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad and was awarded honorary degree of Fn.A.Sc.
  • 2004: Continued to be President of Indian National Association for the Study of liver.
  • 2004: Appointed as the ‘Honorary consultant’ cum advisor to the Indian Armed Force Medical Services
  • 2004: Awarded the Advanced Centre for Liver disease by the Indian Council of Medical Research to provide advanced facility for research in the area of liver diseases.
  • 2004: Awarded the ISG-WIN-Medicare Best Plenary Session award for the best Scientific paper presented at the Plenary session of the 45th Conference of the Indian Society of Gastroenterology held at Jaipur from 1st to 5th October 2004
  • 2000: Elected fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore and given honorary degree of F.A.Sc.
  • 1993: Confirmed as Editor of Tropical Gastroenterology.
  • 1995: Mitra Olympus Endoscopy Award: conferred by the Indian society of gastroenterology for best endoscopic work.
  • 1991: P.N. Berry award: Awarded by the P.N. Berry trust at U.K. through a selection process.
  • 1991: Common wealth medical fellowship award: Received the award to trained in the field of peri operational area of the liver transplant and hepatocyte culture techniques at the Queen Elizabeth hospital, Birmingham, U.K. from 4th October 1990 to 3rd October 1991.
  • 1990: Best young investigator award: Conferred by the Australian Society of Gastroenterology at the 7th Bienial Scientific meet of the Asian Pacific Association for the study of the liver (APASL) held at Jakarta, Indonesia, on 19th to 21st February, 1990.
  • 1990: Om Prakash memorial award: Conferred by the Indian Society of Gastroenterology for the best young gastroenterologist in 1990 during the annual conference of Indian Society of Gastroenterology held in November 1990 at Jaipur.
  • 1975: Best outgoing student award: Received the award for the year 1974-1975 as the best undergradute student at the MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Orissa where received the training during undergraduate studies.
  • 1974: Basumallick prize: Received this prize for securing highest marks in the subject Pathology during the MBBS course at the MKCG Medical College, Berhampur, Orissa.

MBBS, MD, DM Gastroenterology

MD, DM, DSc, FNA, Fn A Sc, F A Sc

 Training & Professional Status:

Dr. Subrat Kumar Acharya obtained his MBBS from the MKCG Medical College, Berhampur University, Orissa with honours in Pathology, Opthamology , Otto-rhino- laryngology in 1974 and was adjudged as the best outgoing student .He did his MD (General Medicine,1980) from Utkal University, Orissa and DM(Gastroenterology, 1982) from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi. He joined the AIIMS , New Delhi as a lecturer in 1986 and became a Professor in 1997 and was working as the Head of the department of Gastroenterology at the AIIMS since 2004 till his super annuation on 31st October 2016. He was the Dean(Research),AIIMS, New Delhi from January 2015 till October 2016. After superannuation from AIIMS on October 2016 ,he is working as the Dean (Research),Fortis Hospitals Pro Chancellor of KIIT University, Bhubaneswar and as Emeritus Professor at AIIMS, New Delhi & Dean(Research) for Fortis group of hospital ,India. He continues to be the J C Bose Fellow of Department of Science & Technology, Govt of India. He has been appointed as the president of the AIIMS, Bhubaneswar from November 2018. He also has been serving as the Chairman, Academic Committee of the AIIMS, Jodhpur since 2015

 Academic & Research Contributions:

Dr. Acharya has special research interest in Liver diseases, particularly in the area of Acute liver Failure, Acute on Chronic liver Failure, Primary liver Cancer, Hepatitis E virus infection , Hepatitis A,B &C Virus infections. He has published about 300 research papers in Indexed international and national journal of repute, some of which provided new knowledge in the particular areas. He has written about 50 invited editorial ,reviews, commentary in such journals and also wrote more than 50 chapters in various text books in Gastroenterology & Medicine. Over the years multiple editorials were written in various international journals on his original research His work on Acute liver failure has resulted in identification of new definition, classification, etiology, natural course, prognostic factors, the pathogenetic factors and the therapeutic approach of treatment of Acute liver failure as distinct from the west . Based on his work International Association for the study of liver suggested holistic definitions and nomenclature for Acute and sub-acute liver failure. Due to such contributions, Indian Council of Medical Research granted him to establish ‘Advanced Center for Liver Disease ‘ at the AIIMS. He ,further worked on Primary liver cancer and established cheaper therapy and provided the guideline for therapy in liver cancer in India. He also was associated with development of vaccination policy for HBV and HAV in India. He also obtained the patent for developing antibody the hepatitis B Surface Antigen(Anti-HBs). He has trained 113 Gastroenterologist and PhD fellows.

 Contributions to Medical Journals & Other Institutions:

Dr. Acharya is the Editor in Chief of ‘Tropical Gastroenterology’ an indexed and the highest cited journal in Gastroenterology from India. He also served as the Editor of Journal of Gastroenterology & hepatology from 2006 -2009 which is the official journal of the Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology. He was an Associate Editor to Liver International from 2012-2014.He remains to be in editorial board of many Gastroenterology and hepatology journals. He served as the Adviser to Armed Forces Medical Services on research and worked as an consultant to International Atomic Energy Agency to develop radio-isotopic treatment modalities for treatment of Primary liver Cancer . Dr Acharya is at present is the Chairperson of Academic Committee & member of the Governing body of the AIIMS, Jodhpur and the Governing body member of the VSS Medical College, Burla. He is also the member of the Science Engineering Review Board(SERB), Department Science & Technology, Govt of India. He has been also appointed as the Dean (Research) for the Fortis health Care group for India. He has assisted ICMR in many PRC . AIIMS ,New Delhi has appointed him as the life long Emeritus professor in Gastroenterology.


Professional Societies, Associations and Scientific Organisations:

a. Member

– Indian Society of Gastroenterology

– Research Forum for Digestive Diseases

– Indian Association for the study of liver

– Selected member of Asian Pacific Association for the study of liver (APASL)

– Selected member of International Association for the study of liver (IASL)

– Selected member of the American Association for the study of liver(AASLD)

b. President- Indian Society of Gastroenterology (ISG) in 2005-2007

c. President - Indian National Association for the Study of Liver in 2002-2004

d. Secretary - Research Forum for Digestive Diseases 1998-2001.

e. Executive body- Indian Society of Gastroenterology 1993-1996.

f. Member - Scientific Advisory Committee for National Institute of Virology, Pune, 1995-1996.

g. Adviser/Consultant- Armed Force Medical Services 2004 - 2007

h. Governing body member of M.K.C.G Medical College Berhampur, Orissa 1995-1996. AIIMS,Jodhpur 2014 -2018. VSS Medical College from         2017 till date

i. Consultant International Atomic Energy Agency 1998-2000: To develop radionuclide treatment of unresectable liver cancer.

j. Member, Task force committee on hepatitis – Indian Council of Medical Research 1999-2001.

k. Clinical Coordinator for multicentric research project on hepatitis C virus therapy under Indian Council of Medical Research 2000-2003.

l. Member Expert Group on Herbal Drugs for Liver disease by ICMR-First meeting 26th – 27th February 2000, New Delhi.

m. Organising Secretary of the APDW 2008 (Asian Pacific Digestive Week 2008 –The annual conference of Asian pacific Association of         Gastroenterology and Hepatology)- held at Delhi from 13th to 16th September 2008 at Ashoka Hotel Delhi

n.  Member Armed Forces Medical Research Committee 2010 -2013

o. Scientific Advisory committee of Regional Medical Research Center- 2009-2011

p. Selection committee member of INSA(Indian National Science Academy) from 2012-2014

q. Selection committee member for Indian Academy of Science, Bangalore from 2013-2015

r. Memebr Health Asessment Technology India in 2018 –Govt of India

s. Member SERB(Science Engineering Review Board, DST, Govt of India form 2015 till date

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