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Fortis Escorts Heart Institute

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI), a pioneer and centre of excellence in cardiac care, is recognized for its path-breaking work and service to the numerous heart patients, who have benefitted from its internationally renowned specialists. Equipped with highest clinical expertise and cutting-edge medical technology, the institute has set enviable benchmarks in Cardiac Bypass Surgery, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Interventional Cardiology, Non-invasive Cardiology, Paediatric Cardiology, Paediatric Cardiac Surgery, Electrophysiology and Preventive Cardiology.



Our commitment to expertise, care and compassion has helped us transform cardiac care in India, building the institute as a Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Care. We are the most trusted cardiac institutes. A testimony to this is the fact is that we have patients from not just across the country but all across the world. As we continue to grow, our commitment to give the nation a ‘healthy heart’ only gets stronger.



At Fortis Escorts it’s not just about what we promise, but also what we deliver. Our commitment to expertise, care and compassion to transform Cardiac Care in unprecedented. We were the first in Asia to introduce minimal access surgery, robotic surgery, and the first to use Bio-resorbableVascularScaffold (BVS) to treat Heart Disease. The Medical Programme is driven by reputed doctors, super sub- specialists and speciality nurses , all committed to integrating their exceptional medical expertise and innovation to offer best- in- class treatment.

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At Fortis Escorts, it’s not just about being better but making each day better. The institute has been at the forefront of innovation.

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The department has a complete spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic technology, including several state-of-the-art technologies that are the first in the world, first in Asia and first in India.



What is heart Failure?

Don't be disheartened when you hear the word 'heart failure', as a Heart Failure (HF) doesn't mean that your heart has stopped beating. For most patients, a heart failure can't be cured however, you can help prevent it from getting worse or you can even make it better by regularly intake of medicine, eating the right type of foods, watching your fluids and exercising every day. If you take good care of your heart, you would definitely feel better & enjoy life.

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The Heart of the Matter

Taking care of the health of your heart isn´t just an option or a choice, it´s a priority. Your life choices determines your health ­ according to the World Health Organisation, poor lifestyle choices are to blame for 80 per cent of the cases of coronary artery disease in the world.Smoking, obesity, high BMI and abdominal obesity, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, high stress levels, genetic predisposition, and an unhealthy lifestyle, contribute to the risk

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New Miniatured world’s smallest Heart Pump that supports failing heart to recover, used for the first time in India

Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, Centre of Excellence in Cardiac Care, achieved yet another milestone of success when a team led by Dr Ashok Seth, Chairman, Cardiovascular Sciences, performed the India’s first “Protected Angioplasty and stenting procedure”on Tuesday, 26th June 2018 on a patient suffering from life threatening blockages with the support of Impella heart pump. The hospital is the first in India to offer this new life saving treatment to patients suffering from high risk blockages and failing heart – who are at a high risk for surgery and often left with no options. This marks the beginning of the first “Heart Recovery Program” in India, where the device can help the patient’s own diseased and weak heart to rest, recover and function on its own.

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